Started in 2022 by Michael Zapata, Greenshoe is a Makati, Philippines-based boutique management consulting and financial advisory firm focused on helping companies identify their most promising revenue drivers, build on their competitive advantages, craft a compelling investment rationale, and find the investors best matched to their investment story.

Innovative approaches. Managed risks. That’s Greenshoe’s mantra. We focus on companies that are having difficulty communicating their business rationale or, for whatever reason, are being overlooked by investors, and we find compelling stories for them. We look for the edge, the competitive commercial angles that will provide them with compelling investment propositions. This is our starting point before we discuss capital raising strategies. This exercise provides us with a broader mindset in crafting investment structures that will make a financing work. This also enables us to identify all possible risks, so that they can be mitigated from the start. The result is a financing that works for all parties involved, and secures the investment from all major aspects of business risk.

Greenshoe is a capital markets term for the option to issue more securities when there’s greater investor demand, to further stabilize a company’s financing base. At Greenshoe Consulting, we‘re always looking for that angle that will create more interest in the client’s investment story, and opportunities for them to secure a “greenshoe”.

Greenshoe offers its clients a well-rounded suite of services, ranging from strategic planning to capital raising, to help them reach their economic and financial objectives.

Management Consulting

Long-term strategic consulting

Facilitation of strategic planning sessions

Michael Zapata facilitating strategy planning session
Facilitation of planning session

Preparation of business plan

Crafting of investor marketing materials

Financial Advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions advisory

Valuation advisory

Investor matching

Loan placements with banks and private equity funds

Advisory on debt restructurings

Advisory on capital restructurings and recapitalizations

Greenshoe always puts client needs at the forefront. Our conviction is to only advocate for transactions and initiatives that make business sense for the client, and to potential investors, and to avoid those that do not add value, or contain risks that can’t be managed or mitigated. We pride ourselves on our unbiased, transparent, and personalized delivery of service, and we aim to be our clients’ long-term partner in strategy and corporate finance.

Michael Zapata of Greenshoe Consulting
Greenshoe’s Michael Zapata

Michael Zapata

Mike started Greenshoe Consulting in 2022, with the goal of improving discourse and analysis at promising new ventures, and by their potential stakeholders. He has more than 25 years’ experience spanning corporate finance and project finance, bond and equity capital markets, leasing and credit management, financial institutions and treasury, strategic business consulting and financial advisory, investment banking and retail banking.

Mike rounded out his experience in underwriting securities and arranging loans to listed and large corporates with providing advisory to middle market and startup companies, and introducing them to their first important investors. He has managed securities issuances, loan syndications, mergers and acquisitions mandates, and advised clients on strategic financial alternatives, deal structuring, capital raising options, and investor/partner search strategy.

Mike previously worked at UCPB, where he was tasked with reactivating Investment Banking, organizing the team, establishing policies, and building deal flow. He also supervised the Financial Institutions function, and credit for Treasury investments. Prior to this, he was with RCBC Capital, where he was senior deal officer and treasurer, and with PNB Capital, where he was for two years the Officer in Charge. He also worked as the Credit Manager of ADD Capital, a leasing firm in Canada, and worked with KPMG, where he was assigned to management consulting and financial advisory assignments in its Manila and Hong Kong offices. His career began at HSBC Manila’s retail banking and securities units.

Mike earned his MBA at Fordham University’s Graduate Business School, undergrad at the University of Asia & the Pacific (formerly CRC). He is a CMA with ICMA Australia, and an SEC-licensed fixed income market salesman.

Greenshoe’s Expertise

Greenshoe’s primary objective is to be the Company’s adviser and financial partner of choice for each milestone in its growth. We intend to help grow the Company to its fullest potential, by linking the company to the:

-Best strategic options that optimize its growth
-Right investors that understand and appreciate its growth
-Financial plan that offers the Company the best solution for each stage in its growth

We do this by assisting the Company, and being absolute experts, in the following key tasks:


Identify quantifiable metrics that your Company can use to monitor success in achieving your stated objectives.

Tie success in achieving these metrics to a long-term financial plan that takes your Company to the next level of growth. Greenshoe will provide menu of strategic options that can increase your Company’s value over time, potentially enabling your company to:

  • Shift from bank loans to notes floated to local investors
  • From Private floats to public offers; IPO
  • From higher cost funds to lower cost funds
  • From shorter term accommodations to longer, and more stable sources of financing


Greenshoe is expert in finding the economic opportunities and business drivers that will yield the best growth prospect.  We can help you identify and highlight the elements of your business that will yield the most optimum results in a financing.

Analysis/Break down of strategy into understandable components. We can help break down even the most difficult business problem, and distill the most complicated solution, to help you make your decisions in the most clear-minded manner.

Communicate the same to Investors in highly compelling narratives.  We can help you deliver this message in the most effective way, to the targeted audience for the transaction.

Michael Zapata ignite investor interest with compelling investment stories
Ignite investor interest w/ compelling narrative


Identify early on the risks/mitigants to the Company’s business drivers, so these can be timely addressed, so your Company’s narrative story is achieved as planned and presented.  As risk managers first and foremost, Greenshoe can use its expertise in risk management, and bring it to bear in advising you as you undertake your strategy planning.


Match with funds and private investors who are already familiar with your industry, and are the right funders for your company’s current stage of growth. Greenshoe’s extensive network can find local investors who are in the best position to appreciate your Company’s growth story.


Help pattern your investor messaging with the brand positioning you want to maintain. We can coordinate with your marketing/PR advisers to deliver a consistent brand with your other media/communications efforts.

Use Greenshoe’s business expertise to contribute to the refining of the Company’s message, and tie success in building brand awareness to the Company’s long-term financial plan.

Need help refocusing your business? Rationalizing organizational setup? Securing new sources of capital? Improving your financing terms? Assistance with your planned M&A? Let’s talk.

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